Service Agreement for Website Design & Marketing Package

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*Additional hours can be purchased at a discount as needed. Unused hours do not carry over.

Virtual Marketing Manager

Service Agreement

This Service Agreement is between undersigned "CLIENT" and Clever Fox Online, LLC "AGENCY." This agreement binds both parties to the terms and conditions defined below.


WHEREAS, the Client and Agency agree to enter into an exclusive agreement for the described marketing services, where the Agency promotes and advertises specified products and services for the Client.

The methods of promotions deployed by the Agency "SERVICES" are proprietary to the nature of the business. Services may not be discussed in detail, copied, or otherwise shared with any other party unless prior authorization has been provided by the Agency in writing.

Services Included

This Service Agreement retains Agency for up to 10 hours per month for all marketing services including:

  • Google Business Listing (setup/optimize)
  • Aggressive SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Strategy/Implementation
  • Logo/Brand Development & Growth Strategy/Implementation
  • Extended Web Server Management
  • Email Security & Monitoring
  • Complete Website Maintenance
  • Premium Upgrades & Updates
  • Advance Website Security
  • Website Backup & Recovery PRO
  • Responsive/Mobile Website Functionality
  • Advanced Lead Form Configuration
  • On-Going Marketing Consultation
  • Moderate Text Content Creation
  • Search Engine Friendly Sitemap
  • Google Search Submission
  • PPC & Social Media Ad Optimization
  • Integration with CRM/MySalesman Tools
  • Graphic Design Services
  • Interactive Taskboard Management
  • Territory Protection (Non-Compete Agreement)
  • Flexible Website & Marketing Team Support
  • Discount On Printing

Terms and Conditions

Unused retainer hours do not roll over or carry over any way to the next month.

Client is responsible for timely communication as instructed by Agency. This may require the use of project management tools including for assignment of tasks, prioritizing tasks, and project communication.

Agency is responsible for timely communication including access to and all other project-related materials. In addition, Agency is responsible for executing tasks in a timely and organized fashion.

Term and Renewal

This agreement shall be for a term no less than twelve (12) months with an option to extend or renew depending on the request from Client. Once initial term is complete, Client may request any created marketing assets including digital media, website credentials, and any other credentials for accounts created on behalf of Client during this service agreement term.

About Website Hosting & Domain

We can work with nearly any hosting server. However, if you have an existing web hosting service, please ask your project manager to evaluate your existing plan to ensure that our development services are compatible. If you want to switch hosting or do not have an existing hosting and domain provider, we will be happy to set this up for you.

Service Fee is $600 Per Month for A Term Not Less Than 12 Months

Client agrees to pay service fee monthly as a subscription fee. This price does not include any website hosting fees, advertising fees, printing fees, production fees, and/or any optional services not covered herein. Client agrees that the service fee is to be automatically authorized and charged each month without delay. Delayed payments may incur late fees as deemed by Agency.

Please select Client preferred billing date.

I Authorize Clever Fox Online To Charge My Card Below For The Package Defined Herein.

I understand that my first payment will be charged once Clever Fox Online receives this completed Service Agreement OR when my preferred date arrives. I understand these payments will continue as defined herein.

By Signing Below, I Agree To These Services And All Terms Herein.

I certify that all of the information I have provided herein is accurate to the best of my knowledge. I further agree to the terms and conditions of this agreement in its entirety and I agree to make payments as defined herein. Clever Fox Online is fully authorized to charge my payment method provided herein accordingly.

I understand that a declined payment may require that I pay any applicable late fees and/or convenience fees as assigned by Clever Fox Online, LLC.

This is meant only for comments and notes regarding your project. Including other details here will not alter the terms and/or conditions of this Service Agreement.